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Control system for cam indexing tables

 A mechatronic turn key solution dedicated to cams indexing tables to :
  •   Avoid damage to the table due to emergency stops, 
  •   Provide an efficient and constant (electrical) braking of the motor  (no wear),
  •   Reduce the total cycle time 
  •   Simplify electrical integration of the indexing table

Advantages  :

  • Stop of the motor : with electrical braking with DC current generated by the system. The indexing table is supplied with a normal AC motor. This solution is recommended for high cadency operation, the efficiency of the braking is constant and is not subject to wear. This system is maintenance free.
  • Emergency stop:  The control system generates a controled rate of DC current. The stopping time is short but the stopping torque is maintained below limits, to avoid damage to the indexing table. At restart, the interrupted cycle is finished at low speed.
  • Easy integration Power supply: 220 V single phase. One single input "Start" to pilot the cycle, two outputs "end of cycle" + "motor stopped" are available..
  • Setting of motor speed: With integrated frequency variator.




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