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MCPI indexing tables are rotary transfers characterised by intermittent angular movement and precise indexing at each stop. These mechanisms are used for precise positioning of parts in line with tooling, in order to perform assembly, marking, drilling, inspection, filling operations…

MCPI offers:

  • Cam indexing tables: the kinematics of the movement is achieved by a cam principle. Highly durable, these mechanisms are recommended for repetitive operations at high speed (more information…).
  • The rotating rings complete our technical proposal by offering an interesting alternative for their large diameter central bore (which allows the installation of tooling in the centre), their seating and their capacity to drive heavy loads (more…).

This technology offers numerous advantages

  • Smooth and impact free motion.
  • High degree of precision.
  • Fast movement
  • Large center through hole.
  • Robust and reliable (for high cadency production).
  • Maintenance free operation (when using MCPI control system).
  • Easier installation with the different position of motor.
  • Can be used in vertical and horizontal position.

Standard delivery with

  • Motor, long life lubrication of mechanism, « end of cycle » detection, pine hole drillings in housing and output rotary table.


Rotary joints to feed with compressed air or vacuum…actuators mounted on rotary parts. The rotary joints can be associated with electrical slip rings.


  • MCPI rotary table control system to protect and optimize the indexing table and to reduce the maintenance.

A mechatronic turn key solution dedicated to cams indexing tables to :

  •   Avoid damages of the table due to emergency stops (quick but progressive stop, and slow motion to finish the cycle).
  •   Provide an efficient and constant (electrical) brake of the motor  (no wearing, maintenance free system)),
  •   Reduce the total cycle time, thanks to the short reaction time.
  •   Simplify electrical integration of the indexing table (input: one switch to start cycle, output: 2 switches – table in stop position + motor stopped).

The choice of the motor position an exclusivity from MCPI


A multi passage rotary Union  is a machine element, making it possible to feed  several mediums (compressed air, water, cooling fluids, vacuum…) from a stationary line into a rotating machine section.

In combined version,  One multi circuits slip ring is integrated on the rotary union (for electrical power, signals…).

Friction free rotary union

These Friction free rotary unions, are specially developed for so long life operation with high speed rotation.

Sealing is achieved by a reduced clearance between a tube in rotation inside a stationary hole.

Technical advantages

  • No friction: no heating and no wear
  • Very long service life
  • Low drive torque
  • High speed operation possible
  • No lubrication required